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Windows 9x Emulation (Windows PC Gaming)

Windows 9x (and Windows 3.1) emulation is an experimental feature of DosBox Turbo. It works well enough to play many Windows 9x games and even supports Direct3D and Glide emulation.

On a fast device (Tegra 3+), DosBox Turbo supports experimental Windows 9x emulation and can play many PC (Win9x) games and even some games requiring DirectX/Direct3D. User RolandDeschain79 created a very helpful how-to video with the necessary DosBox Turbo images (including Direct3D support):

Windows Gaming support is still experimental, you results may vary. The following Windows games have been tested to run on modern devices:

There are likely many thousands more games that will likely work.

Critical Settings for Windows Emulation

The following settings should be selected to enable proper Win9x emulation:

If you have the MT32 Midi ROMS, you can also enable MIDI emulation if desired.

Windows 9x images can be downloaded from the support thread for Win9x emulation over at xda.

MIDI Sound

As of DosBox Turbo v2.1.0, MIDI Sound (both Roland MT-32 and General MIDI) is now supported through Roland MT-32 Emulation. In order to use the MIDI sound system, you will require two (2) Roland MT-32 ROM files. Place the "MT32_CONTROL.ROM" and "MT32_PCM.ROM" files on your SD Card as follows:

Info The two ROM files need to be placed in the same directory as your dosbox.conf on your external SD card. Many devices have multiple storage locations, to locate the specified directory on your SD card: Start DosBox Turbo and go to the Settings->DosBox Settings menu and scroll to the bottom. Make sure the "Manual Mode" preference is unchecked. You will see the "Config Location" preference as greyed out. This is the root of your SD card (as detected by Android) and the location where you will need to copy the above two files. Most devices using Android 4.1 or below will show "/mnt/sdcard/", those using Android 4.2+ will probably have something like "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.fishstix.dosbox/files/". Once you've copied the two ROM files to your SD Card, you will need to re-start DosBox Turbo and the MIDI Emulation Preference will now be available in the DosBox Settings menu. Please be aware that MIDI sound emulation, on top of the regular DOS emulation is very CPU intensive. Best results can be obtained on newer dual & quad-core devices.

You will need to select either "General Midi" or "Roland MT-32" as the music device in your DOS Game. After DosBox Turbo has been restarted and MIDI emulation enabled, you are free to delete the ROM files from your sdcard.

IPX Networking (Multiplayer Gaming)

DosBox Turbo v2.1.2+ now has fully functional IPX networking emulation to allow you to play multi-player games with your friends. Many DOS games support multiplayer gaming through IPX networking. Port numbers above 1024 are supported in Android.

The following video demonstrates DOOM Deathmatch on Android: